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Ross Herosian

Tricycle Creative
Founder + CEO
I help companies build successful Marketing and Branding programs.

I haven't been qualified for almost all the jobs I've had in my career. How do I know? They told me.

So why was I hired? I've brought passion, vision, and strategic execution to every job I've ever had. In some cases it was building entire departments from scratch, in others, it was providing much needed leadership and restructuring. And now, as Founder + CEO of Tricycle Creative, I find myself in a role I live for - helping entrepreneurs improve their marketing through workshops, consulting, and digital content production. 

I've been a radio DJ, a recruiter, a content producer, a marketer, and a CEO. At my core, I'm someone who likes to build new things, tell stories, and develop people. 

Whatever I do next, I'm up for the challenge.

- I built a video content department that produced 1,035 videos yielding over 101 million views in less than 3 years
- I created an internship program that was ranked a "Top 10 Internship in America" in 2008 and 2011
- I was nominated for a HR Leadership Award in Washington, DC in the "Mentoring" category in 2011
- I've been a one-man digital content producer at Super Bowls, SXSW, live music concerts (Metallica at The Apollo was pretty awesome), and political conventions 
- I'm a great addition to your trivia team, especially if you need someone who knows "Seinfeld" or "The Office"