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Daniel Jimmie

I have lived on my own since I was fifteen years old. I grew up with the encouraging words "you'll never make it" or "you won't ever amount to anything". I have survived bike crashes, car crashes, gang violence and the cold winter streets of Vancouver, British Columbia. However, somewhere deep down I always felt like I was the one chosen to break the cycle. I have read hundreds of books, listened to thousands of tapes and attended dozens of seminars. As a result, I have had the good fortune to be a Chairman's Club Top Producing Recruiter and Salesperson, walking across the stage as #1 in the world for a $4 Billion company, multiple times.

For the last ten years, I have helped grow and run digital / creative / interactive agencies going toe to toe with some of the biggest, brightest and best agencies out there, and win. The first agency I joined got acquired after having grown from 6 people to 40 in a couple years. Most recently I helped another agency grow from 18 software engineers to 70 UX Designers, Developers, Engineers, Software QA, Project Managers, and Recruiters.

In my quest to be the best I was introduced to Michelle Prince who said "Your Business Needs You To Write A Book" so others can benefit from your story.

My first book was published in 2018 titled: "A Recruiter's Life: 20 Years of Overcoming Setbacks, Mishaps, and Learning to Fall Forward"

I have several more in the queue: "Honoring The Potential In Every Child", "Persistence & Consistency: The Unsung Heroes of Success", and "How I Grow Businesses: Common Denominators Every SMB Should Implement".